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The rights of the individual with regard to viticultural enterprises are both complex and distinct. Consequently, any decision relating to a viticultural property (setting up a company, revision of contract, inheritance tax, transfer, acquisition, specific contracts, donation, renting…) requires detailed analysis and careful reflexion. Dealing on a basis with viticultural law and with a knowledge of the appellations and local legal and economic practices the members (notaires) of JURISVIN can offer well-informed advice allowing the appropriate decision to be taken in full awareness of the facts.


Sale, purchase, division, inheritance…the value of a viticultural property is linked to these events which in turn are dependent on a number of constants (income, vineyard, appellation, buildings, cellar, agricultural equipment, etc.). Members of JURISVIN with their unique understanding of the regional market can offer a precise quotation (bearing in mind legal and financial aspects) on the value of a viticultural property. They can also find, using the JURISVIN network, a potential buyer or seller for the project concerned.


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